How much are they worth?

18. Sam Farr (D-Carmel)

Net worth: $1.1 million

Farr is the 179th wealthiest member of Congress with a minimum net worth of $1.1 million. Most of his worth comes from real estate investments, including three lots located three blocks from the beach in Carmel, Calif. Together the lots are worth between $500,001 and $1,000,001.

Minimum Assets:
$1.9 million
Minimum Liabilities:
Investments: 20%
Real estate: 79%
Trusts: 0%
Bank accounts: 0%

Top Assets

Rank Asset Type Owner Minimum value
1 Lots 7 9 and 10 on SE corner of Santa Lucia and Camino Real in Carmel, CA Real Estate Member $500,001
2 Vista Lobos Apartments Real Estate Member $500,001
3 Membership interest Point 16 llc Real Estate Member $500,001
4 Colgate Palmolive Company Investments Member $50,001
5 IBM Investments Member $50,001
6 Actavis plc Ordinary Shares Investments Member $15,001
7 Airgas Inc Investments Member $15,001
8 Amgen Inc. Investments Member $15,001
9 Boeing Co. Investments Member $15,001
10 Celgene Corporation Investments Member $15,001
11 Chevy Chase Land Company Investments Member $15,001
12 Genuine Parts Co. Investments Member $15,001
13 AbbVie Inc. Investments Member $15,001
14 Congressional Federal Credit Union IRA Investments Member $15,001
15 Devils Flat Assocation Investments Member $15,001
16 Ecolab Inc Investments Member $15,001
17 Partnership interest sorensen's resort Investments Member $15,001
18 General Electric Company Investments Member $15,001
19 Interest - California State Retirement System (includes California Legislative Retirement) Investments Member $15,001
20 Wells Fargo and Company Investments Member $15,001
21 Walmart Investments Member $15,001
22 Union Pacific Corporation Investments Member $15,001
23 Tahoe cabin Real Estate Member $15,001
24 Vanguard Index 500 Fund Investments Member $15,001
25 Honeywell International Inc. Investments Member $15,001
26 AFLAC Incorporated Investments Member $1,001
27 Qualcomm Investments Member $1,001
28 Sharland Investment Company Investments Member $1,001
29 Vanguard Total Stock Market Fund Investments Member $1,001
30 Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF Investments Member $1,001
31 Vanguard S-T Corp Bond ETFF Investments Member $1,001
32 Congressional Federal Credit Union Bank Account Member $1,001
33 Charles Schwab Money Market Account Investments Member $1,001
34 MS Global Strategist Fund Investments Member $1,001
35 Abbot Laboraties Investments Member $1,001
36 United Technologies Corporation Investments Member $1,001
37 Charles Schwab money market fund Investments Member $1

Top Liabilities

Creditor Type Owner Minimum value
1 Wells Fargo Bank Line Of Credit Secured By Residence Member $500,001
2 Wells Fargo Bank Mortgage On Carmel Residence Member $250,001
3 Charles Schwab Margin Account Loan Member $50,001

Credits: Christina Bellantoni, Christine Mai-Duc, Lily Mihalik, Javier Panzar, Anthony Pesce, Ben Welsh and Sarah Wire.

About this data: These are the assets disclosed for calendar year 2014 compiled by Roll Call. They are ranked from largest to smallest. Financial disclosure rules allow lawmakers to report broad ranges of minimums for both assets and liabilities, starting at $1 to $1,000 and topping out at $50 million or higher, so it is impossible to offer precise figures. The minimum values shown are how Roll Call calculated the net worth for each member.

Roll Call assigns assets and liabilities into several categories. The disclosure forms indicate if the asset or liability is owned solely by the member, by the member’s spouse, by the member’s dependent(s) or jointly owned by the member and spouse. The names of the assets and liabilities appear as they were entered on the forms filed with the clerk of the House and the Senate Select Committee on Ethics.